Why is this menorah different from all other menorahs?

It’s fun! Metal. Banana.

Cast in stainless steel and polished to a highly reflective finish. The Banana Menorah is a substantial object. You won't find many edible bananas larger or heavier than this one.

It cleans easily. The wax wipes right off.

Cleaning is a breeze. Let the wax cool. Pick off any build-up. (Some call this step theraputic.) Any waxy residue can be easily polished away by rubbing with a soft cloth.

It’s compact. Comes with a stylish storage box.

Archetypal menroahs are a pain to store with their delicate arms and odd shapes. The Banana Menroah is designed for storage in even the smallest studio apartments.

It’s inclusive. Born from sharing Jewish rituals.

The original Banana Menorah was jury-rigged out of a real banana and birthday candles to show the goy the ritual of Hanukkah. We hope you keep that tradition of inclusivity alive.

"The first menorah was created from an underripe banana, a chopstick, and some creative thinking."

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Noshes x Banana Menorah

Banana Menorah and Noshes have turned your favorite culturally jewish foods into your new everyday necklace